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Five Top Tips To Improve Your Social Life (Please RT)

February 17, 2011
  1. Google any of the following terms:
    • PLUS
    • Eighteen Plus OR 18 Plus
    • National Federation of Plus Areas

    This will enable you to find details of the nearest PLUS group, which all cater for young adults aged 18 to 35. Plus operates nationally throughout England, though not in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland … yet.

  2. Interested but don’t live near a PLUS group? We organise and take part in events all over the country and even abroad, not just in the area local to any given PLUS group. Hence there is likely to be one or more Plus event which is relatively near you all the same. Why not get in touch with a Plus group and enquire about distance-membership? Barking & Dagenham Plus can be contacted via our Contact Page.
  3. Don’t live near a PLUS group but still like the idea of coming along to group-nights? WHY NOT APPLY TO FOUND YOUR OWN PLUS GROUP? The advantages of being the founder of your own Plus group are:
    • You will receive support in terms of advice and publicity. You can even apply to have the local Area pay for Publicity which you yourself carry out.
    • You will be able to use the PLUS name when it comes to advertising.
    • PLUS will keep you up to date with details of events which are put on exclusively for Plus-members.
    • PLUS will arrange for any Potential New Members who live nearby to contact you.
    • If you organise your own events you will be covered by PLUS’ Public Indemnity Insurance.

    In order to affiliate to PLUS you will need to do the following:

    • Each year, you should send your local Plus Area ¬£25 for each enrolled member your group has, including yourself.
    • One or more representatives of your group should come to the Area Conferences, which take place four times a year in a central location.
    • There are a few T&Cs which will be outlined to you, but these are not particularly burdensome.

    To get started with your own PLUS group, contact your local Plus Area. If you happen to live in Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Essex, East London, East Hertfordshire, Suffolk, Norfolk or Cambridgeshire, you can contact Joe Gurney who is the Administrator of Anglia & South-East Area Plus.

  4. Do any of the following apply to you?
    • You are a professional musician – you and your band are in search of new gigs.
    • You are some other kind of entertainer – e.g. stand-up comedian, etc – again searching for new gigs.
    • You represent a charity or worthy cause.
    • You have a product or service which will appeal to 18- to 35-year olds.
    • You are journalist – print, radio, television, etc – and you want to find out what matters to 18 to 35 year olds.
  5. If so, PLUS wants to hear from you! Even if you don’t actually want to join PLUS as a member, nevertheless PLUS will be of benefit to you because it is likely we will want to make use of your services. PLUS often hires musicians, entertainers, DJs etc for the many social events that it puts on. Plussers also often raise money for charity and help out with causes which are important to the local community. Plus groups are always interested in people who will run events for them, or who will volunteer to visit as a guest speaker. And because PLUS is ultimately a nationwide organisation, there is potentially a ready-made audience for you.

  6. Finally, it is worth keeping up to date with the calendar of events run by PLUS, as a small number of these are put on for the general public – especially those which are designated “NEW MEMBER NIGHTS.” Although the vast majority are for Plus members, New Member Nights are an excellent way to meet Plussers and decide whether this is for you.
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