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Brean 2007

March 26, 2007

This weekend was the national Spring holiday, held at Brean Sands in Somerset. Which is alleged to be “near” Weston Super Mare, if you call a £30 taxi fare “near”. I was instructed by our new Chairman to report back with any gossip. However given that of all the people whom she knew who would be there, everyone except me were safe, solid and respectable, this worked out that if there was going to be any good goss I would have to create it myself. Here then are my Brean memories:

  • Kudos Gained: Adam Redshaw, for organising the whole weekend (now the second time he has done it).
  • Kudos lost: Adam Redshaw, for having by far the silliest haircut there!
  • Our Quiz Team winning lots of chocolate for coming first in the quiz.
  • Our Quiz Team winning even more chocolate for having the most offensive team name (“Bob Woolmer’s Neck Masseurs”).
  • The fact that this year it was held *after* the AGM, whereas in previous years it was *before* the ANC! The advantage of this was that I spent a whole weeked without anyone asking me any questions about the Dreaded C-Word. Bliss.
  • The Real Ale Trip – this year nobody puked all over the coach seats. As indeed technically they didn’t the previous year, it all went tidily in a bag cough cough ahem ahem.
  • We met two charming Brean Virgins – Helen and Christina from Sutton Colefield, who had both only recently joined PLUS. Christina then told me she was emigrating to Australia. Was it something I said???
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