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National Paintball

May 26, 2007

Saturday, and to Mayhem Paintball in Abridge, Essex, for the National Paintball. This is the largest Paintball site in England, and is very near to Theydon Bois (they do regular Mini-bus pickups from the station).

Your humble blogmaster took part with other Plussers in a group of 30 in eight games throughout the day. We played on 4 of the 14 playing areas – two games each. It was a draw at the end of the day so far as I can remember.

Not that the score is what I remember most about the day! I certainly “killed” a few of the opposing team, but I got plugged several times myself. Mainly it was just once here or there, but in the last game of the day, I mistakingly ran straight across someone’s line of fire, resulting in several shots all at once. Although they stung at the time, the bruises now look a lot worse than they actually feel.

In the evening we went to the Sir Winston Churchill Pub in nearby Debden for a disco.

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