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WASH 2007 – The report.

November 4, 2007

The members of Thurrock Plus joined with 250 other Plussers from all over the country to go to the perenially popular holiday WASH, at Searles Leisure Park, Hunstanton. Here are Your Humble Blogmaster’s highlights of the weekend:

  • Successfully reminding the staff of “Beers of Europe” that they had promised (to Tracy Thorn at the Midsummer Halloween Party) a 10%
    discount on Beer to PLUS members for this weekend. Unfortunately this did not apply to spirits, which was a shame as most of my expenditure on alcohol that weekend was on a bottle of Jack Daniels.
  • Finding that the accomodation we had was considerably better than last year. This was mainly because it had all been recently done-up in the last 12 months. We had a flat screen TV, a large fridge with an ice dispenser (with which we had lots of fun – some of the ice even got as far as our drinks), and a brand-new hi-fi.
  • The magnificent victory of “Ian Blair’s Sharp-shooters” in the WASH Quiz. This almost made up for the fact that Pat the DJ clearly doesn’t appreciate the efforts to which Plussers go when thinking up team names (or our unique sense of humour).
  • The fact that a worthy attempt to promote the World Cafe at the Focus Day next February descended into farce when Plussers started writing comments about the issues that REALLY mattered to them
    (hangover cures, who is single, spit-roasting, etc)
  • The fact that two of the groups from our Area – Barking & Dagenham and Redbridge – were honoured for increasing their bookings this year.
  • BADNESS (who despite their name, were really rather good).
  • Hillingdon’s Chalet Party.
  • Chris & Lala’s Chalet Party.
  • The WASH Committee’s own Chalet Party.
  • The Pound Coin That Can Never Be Spent. 😉

Next year will be WASH’s 25th Anniversary, and I am assured by the event’s organisers that they will be doing something special to celebrate it.

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