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Press Release

September 14, 2007

It’s that time of year again when Matt our faithful PRO produces another Press Release. Unusually for Matt, this one is almost completely accurate (nb: almost being the operative word).

Last month was a busy one for members of Thurrock Plus Group (formerly Thurrock 18 Plus Group). Some went to “V 2007” while others enjoyed a surfing holiday in Cornwall and Club Secretary Joe took part in the National Tennis tournament, upholding the honour of Thurrock Plus by not finishing in last place as he put it himself! For evening entertainment some members joined the members of other groups in the East Anglia Area in watching live band East of Java in Ilford. Some of Thurrock’s friends in other groups went to the Multi Activity weekend in Milton Keynes, doing things such as indoor sky-diving, rock climbing and paintball –among others.

Upcoming events in the East Anglia Area and nationally will be the National Holiday in Turkey, the National Pool competition and activity holiday in Yorkshire (called NEAT) and the national live entertainment weekend in Hunstanton (WASH).

Thurrock Plus is a lively and friendly sports and social organisation for people in the 18 to 35 age range; it is run completely by its members and offers a wide-ranging programme of regular events, often in conjunction with other groups in East Anglia Area. New members are always welcome. Anyone who is interested can contact…

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