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Brean 2005

March 21, 2005

This weekend, Thurrock 18 Plus attended the national Spring Break held at Brean Leisure Park in Somerset. Here is a summary of the major events that transpired:

  1. Your humble Blogmaster attempted to perform some stunt-riding with a supermarket trolley on the Friday night. However, due to the fact that the trolley was of an inferior design, it proved somewhat unstable and Yours Truly ended up a*** over t** in the supermarket carpark. Cue much hilarity from the other Plussers.
  2. Later that Friday night, at the Disco, your humble Blogmaster successfully persuaded a Sexy Girl to strip to her bra and swap t-shirts with him in the middle of the dance hall! Cue much bowing down in worship from the other Plussers.
  3. Even later that Friday night, a cuddly toy in the shape of Shrek went missing from the caravan of Lala, the Brean Chairperson. The precise identities of the thieves were never established – but the following morning, three mysterious individuals accosted yours Truly and made him deliver a ransom note to the not-overly-grief-stricken Lala. Lala made a short but noble speech to the effect that she was not prepared to give into their demands. Whereupon the Kidnappers relented and handed Shrek over to your humble Hostage-negotiator to return to Lala, and everyone was happy again.
  4. On Saturday, there was line-dancing, a Music Quiz, and Karaoke. YHB sang something by the Beatles. Hang on – that should read “Something”, by the Beatles. Meanwhile, other Plussers enjoyed the sunshine and walking along the seaside. As well as spending an unhealthy amount of time trying to win cuddly toys at the local amusement arcades!
  5. On Sunday, there was the Real Ale Trip. This was a bit of a misnomer as there was in fact only one Real Ale being served at the pub at which we arrived (although that one Ale was very good). It was really a chance to go out to Newent for the day to have a Carvery Sunday lunch, and watch a band called “Resurrection”.
  6. On Sunday evening, it was a School-themed disco. YHB was very pleased with himself as he won a bottle of Vodka in the Raffle. However, he had been disqualified from a drawing competition for cheating, earlier (he nipped into the “Van Gogh” machine in the Amusement arcade in order to produce his entry!)
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