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Barking & Dagenham Plus vs Freedom Day

July 18, 2021
Hi, just to update you regarding our response to the forthcoming relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions:

Please be advised that Barking & Dagenham Plus will only resume physical meetings at our venue after we have verified that it is safe for us to do so, and completed a risk assessment as appropriate. We will confirm when we have done so via this website and by privately messaging all our members for whom we have contact details.

Please watch this space and see you soon! 🙂

The Great Resumption

April 3, 2021

Barking & Dagenham Plus is currently planning to resume meeting just as soon as it is legally and physically possible to do so! Given that we usually meet at The Beacon Tree in Dagenham, we expect this to be when all restrictions relating to pubs are lifted, from June 21st onwards. Watch this space for more updates! 🍻

WASH 2021

March 26, 2021

From Keith Israel, Chairman of the WASH Committee:

Ok so everything is signed and agreed so I think it is really nice to say that in the year of our wonderful organisations 80th anniversary its rather appropriate to set up this year at a place that has many fond memories for lots of members and plays a huge part in PLUS history.


WASH 21 will take place at Searles Holiday Centre Hunstanton on the weekend of 26-29th November. It has changed quite a bit since we were last there but the staff who remember us are really looking forward to our return.
I hope this is OK we really didn’t have much alternatives but as said before I promise it will be epic.

Further information to follow

WASH Waffle

November 13, 2020

From Paul Catterwell of Kings Lynn Plus:

Hi all

Today is a very strange day for many of us in the world of Plus.  Our esteemed WASH Chairman has written a few words below:

Ok. Bags are packed last minute phone calls complete reception opens in 4 hours all beds ready, all acts booked we are on the way and ready to go  This has been my early Friday November routine for over 30 years. But alas not this year (If only that Chinaman hadn’t looked at that half cooked Bat and thought Mmm tasty)

I have to say I am feeling thoroughly miserable. I so took forward to WASH every year and looking  at the comments so do so many others but this year it’s not to be.  But lets look at this as a battery recharger and make sure next year wherever we may be we will make WASH 21 bigger than ever.  We have hung on to all the deposits you have kindly asked us to keep and don’t forget we can celebrate the Plus 80th anniversary in style (and no I wasn’t a founding member you cheeky sods).  Obviously whilst we are missing out on a weekend we enjoy we must have in our thoughts those who have suffered and lost loved ones during this horrible time.

Right so no WASH this year although I understand Adam is sorting out some sort of virtual event on Sunday. I will raise a glass to  you my friends at around 9-30pm (the time first band due on stage) and promise next year will be a bit special.

So see you in the bar about 7-00? first drink on me only in about 365 days time

Keith Israel – WASH Chairman

WASH Waffle – Important Announcement

July 16, 2020

From Paul Catterwell, of Kings Lynn Plus:

Hi It’s with regret we have to announce the inevitable that WASH 2020 is cancelled.

Whilst things are getting tentativly something back to normal the committee consider it to be too much of a risk to safety and are aware that many would not have the appetite to attend whilst there are concerns to health.
When added to the not insignificant fact that our ‘home’ at Woodlands have made the decision that after this season, to cease to be a holiday park and become an owners only site then WASH 2020 was perhaps never meant to be.

HOWEVER fear ye not it is very much our desire and intention for the WASH Weekend to continue. We are already in negotions with suitable alternative venues and, with acknowledgement to the 80th anniversary of PLUS intend in 2021 to put on an event which will be spectacular and unforgettable. we will just have to wait a little longer for it. We will keep you posted regarding how things are progressing and advise you of venue and dates.

We are aware that many have already paid deposits for this year which of course are fully refundable however if you wish to transfer the payment to WASH 2021 we would be very happy to keep it safe for you and this would guarantee the best available accommodation in 2021.

Best wishes

Keith Israel
WASH 2020 Chairman

Barking & Dagenham Plus vs COVID 19

June 4, 2020

A message from Steve Rolfe, Chairman of the National Federation of Plus Areas, on PLUS’ position with regard to Covid 19. By implication this applies to Anglia & South East Area Plus, and Barking & Dagenham Plus in particular.

NB: our own venue is closed, hence we cannot meet there – we are not the group advertising an event on Facebook referred to by Steve!

Dear Friends,

I do hope you, your family, and friends are safe during this continuing National pandemic.

I need to update you as the Government starts to ease the restrictions on lockdown. At the last National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting it was agreed to remain on lockdown for All Plus events. This is until the Government fully lifts restrictions that will allow for social events to be held.

This week the Government announced that groups of no more than six can meet but need to remain two meters apart. Having consulted senior members of the NEC the current restrictions remain in place for All Plus events.

Some of you may have seen an event being advertised on Facebook for this weekend. I have emailed the organiser asking them not to advertise this as an official Plus event. Ensuring that anyone who attends is aware it is a private event and is not covered by the Plus insurance policy. By attending the event you are accepting this is a private event.

It has not been easy making this decision but I do hope you understand why we have come to this decision. The safety of our members always remain paramount.

Membership was discussed by the NEC and it was agreed that every member would be entitled to one year free membership with the renewal date staying the same.

Stay Safe remember to keep 2 meters apart and I hope to see you all sometime later in the year.



Steve Rolfe
National Chair

Barking & Dagenham Plus vs. COVID 19

March 16, 2020

Message from Richard Leach, club chairman:

Hi to one and all as this is being sent to most of club, please note that due to message from government and to ensure safety of us all at club , it will be closed for the moment while this pandemic passes, I will text at the end of this month with another update depending on what happens. Hope everyone stays healthy and safe. Sorry that this has had to happen but it is for the safety of us all. If there is anyone you know that might be planning on attending club please let them know that for the time being we will not be meeting up. Many thanks, Richard.

Plus’ Vision is 2020

January 14, 2020

Happy New Year! Barking & Dagenham Plus have a new programme of events including the Roy Gordon Trophy Pool Tournament, the National AGM in Coventry, and the National Spring Holiday in Dorset – as well as our regular club meetings at the Beacon Tree right here.

So if you want to expand your social life and meet new friends, please get in touch with us now!

WASH 2020 Dates

November 22, 2019

From Paul Catterwell, of Kings Lynn Plus:

Hi all
Hardly seems possible that its a fortnight since WASH, which for many was one of the best we have had the pleasure of organising.
Next year’s dates are Friday 13th November to Monday 16th November 2020.
In fact this year’s event was deemed so good that for the first time ever we have had deposits for nearly 20% of those who attended this year!
IMPORTANT:  THERE ARE ONLY 76 HOT TUB BERTHS AVAILABLE (not including anyone who wishes to sleep on a sofa at half price), SO WILL BE ON A STRICTLY FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS.  The 10 berth cottage does not have a hot tub but has lots of other goodies!
If you would like to organise your group’s deposits and send them to me I will add you to the list. 
Paul Catterwell
WASH 2019 Booking Officer

RGT Bowling 2019

November 19, 2019

Sanya Preston: Best Female

Congratulations to Barking & Dagenham Plus’ Sanya Preston as the Best Female in this Saturday’s Roy Gordon Trophy (“RGT”) Bowling Tournament.

In the team competition, Barking & Dagenham Plus came second by a mere one point to Redbridge Plus. Grrr! The scene is set for an epic re-match next year!

Paul Savvas of Redbridge Plus

Some shady character trying to pinch Redbridge Plus’ trophy…

Oh no, it was actually Redbridge Plus’ Publicity Officer, Elliot Barclay!