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Programme Updated

May 19, 2015

Summer is on its way and so are a whole load of great new events for PLUS. We’ve got the National Five-A-Side Football Competition in June, the Kings Lynn Summer Do, National Karting, and Pirates Day all happening in July, and the National Walking Weekend in August. Later in the year, WASH 2015 will take place the weekend of Friday 6th to Monday 9th November, whilst next year, 26th – 27th February 2016, is the National AGM and 75th Anniversary Do.

For more details, see our Events page.

Presidential Address 2015

April 25, 2015
Roland Rat, Superstar. Yeahhhhh!

Roland Rat, Superstar. Yeahhhhh!

We are honoured to have as our club President none other than Sir Roland Rat, television personality and celebrity extraordinaire. Roland is of course famous for his TV and pop music career in the 1980s, and for being the living inspiration for a legion of devoted Ratfans.

Roland now lives in Hollywood, USA, but has graciously sent us this message:


Plussers To Make Historic First Trip Into Outer Space

April 1, 2015

Barking & Dagenham Plus has found a new venue for staging one of their group outings: in orbit around Planet Earth.



Members of the group have secured places on Virgin Galactic’s inaugural flight, due to take place later this year. The group will make one full orbit around the planet, and have even organised a real-ale trip to the International Space Station in passing.

The International Space Station

Real-ale trip to the International Space Station

Of this exciting new venture, Barking & Dagenham Plus’ Publicity Officer, Joe Gurney, said:

Yeah, well when we heard that Hillingdon Plus were intending to run Brean, we thought we’d go one better and organise a new Plus holiday in outer space. Despite the unusual venue, it will otherwise be a lot like conventional Plus holidays, with discos, karaoke, live bands, and that DJ from WASH who always plays that irritating song about Yogi Bear. And, of course, if any one makes any trouble, we won’t just expel them from the Federation – we’ll expel them from the air-lock!

Asked about how they were able to put on this event at all, Joe explained:

Previously, flights on Virgin Galactic were going for $250,000 a pop – which is slightly out of the price range of most of our members. Luckily for us, however, after their test flight crashed last October, I was able to find a load of seats going cheap on Ticketmaster. Result!

To view the rest of the activities that Barking & Dagenham Plus have planned for the next three months, please see our newly updated Events page.

RGT Pool Competition 2015

January 12, 2015
The Trophy

The Trophy

Plussers from all over the Area descended on NAMCO Funscape in the Brewery Romford, for this thrilling tournament. Our very own Sanya battled through to the final, but lost out by one frame to Trevor Eley of Redbridge.

Barking & Dagenham Plus' own Sanya.

Barking & Dagenham Plus’ own Sanya.

Kings Lynn Mid Summer Camping Weekend

January 3, 2015

Message from Paul Catterwell of Kings Lynn Plus:

Hi all

Just to let you know that the Kings Lynn Mid Summer weekend is booked for Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th July.

Further details to follow…

Paul Catterwell
Kings Lynn Plus Activities Officer

Start the New Year right with PLUS!

January 1, 2015
Have fun with PLUS!

Have fun with PLUS!

Happy New Year! Are you thinking right now: NEW YEAR – NEW START ? Have you been making New Year’s resolutions – including getting out more often, being active and being sociable? IF SO, READ ON…

PLUS is a network of groups for young adults who meet up regularly for social, sporting and other leisure activities. Local groups meet up once a week, and arrange events like group outings to restaurants, the cinema, the theatre, sporting competitions etc. PLUS groups also regularly meet up with other groups in the local area – and nationally – for larger events such as weekends of partying, holidays abroad, and more.

Membership is £20 a year, which entitles PLUS members to take part in events which are put on exclusively for PLUS members by PLUS members. As a first time visitor you are entitled to a free one-month Trial membership, before you decide to join.

To take advantage of the benefits PLUS has to offer, ring Joe on 07958 669339 NOW! Or use the Contact form on this website to send us a message.

RGT Pool Tournament: Sunday 11th January

December 29, 2014
RGT Pool Poster copy

Poster for the Roy Gordon Trophy (“RGT”) Pool Tournament 2015, at Namco Leisure in Romford.



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