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Plussers To Make Historic First Trip Into Outer Space

April 1, 2015

Barking & Dagenham Plus has found a new venue for staging one of their group outings: in orbit around Planet Earth.



Members of the group have secured places on Virgin Galactic’s inaugural flight, due to take place later this year. The group will make one full orbit around the planet, and have even organised a real-ale trip to the International Space Station in passing.

The International Space Station

Real-ale trip to the International Space Station

Of this exciting new venture, Barking & Dagenham Plus’ Publicity Officer, Joe Gurney, said:

Yeah, well when we heard that Hillingdon Plus were intending to run Brean, we thought we’d go one better and organise a new Plus holiday in outer space. Despite the unusual venue, it will otherwise be a lot like conventional Plus holidays, with discos, karaoke, live bands, and that DJ from WASH who always plays that irritating song about Yogi Bear. And, of course, if any one makes any trouble, we won’t just expel them from the Federation – we’ll expel them from the air-lock!

Asked about how they were able to put on this event at all, Joe explained:

Previously, flights on Virgin Galactic were going for $250,000 a pop – which is slightly out of the price range of most of our members. Luckily for us, however, after their test flight crashed last October, I was able to find a load of seats going cheap on Ticketmaster. Result!

To view the rest of the activities that Barking & Dagenham Plus have planned for the next three months, please see our newly updated Events page.

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