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(More) WASH Waffle

August 12, 2013

Further update from Paul Catterwell of the WASH Committee:
Hi all

12 weeks Friday or 88 days if you prefer to the biggest party of the year  WASH is 30!!!

All the bands are daytime entertainment is booked and we are going to give you a flavour of what’s in store this year.  This waffle is a little background on the Saturday evening band.

This band were a popular British pop music band that found popularity in the early 1980#s.  Formed in 1980 by previous members of an earlier band called the Leighton Buzzards, the band enjoyed 7 Top 15 hits before they broke up in 1985.

2012 saw the band play Lets Rock The Moor festival with other 80’s acts including Go West, Toyah, Nick Heywood and Billy Ocean.

The dress theme for the night is 1984 as tribute to the first WASH, which cost the grand sum of £15.00 per ticket.

[NB: WASH cost £15 back in 1984! The cost, however, of the Saturday evening event for WASH 2013 is included in the price of the whole weekend. Editor.]

Next WASH Waffle will have info on the Friday night band, who many of you will have heard of too!

Paul Catterwell
WASH 2013 Bookings Officer

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