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WASH 2012 – Live Football

October 12, 2012

Message from Paul Catterwell, WASH 2012 Bookings Officer.

You might detect a certain amount of, ahem, “partisanship,” in the following post, so I apologise to those concerned in advance, but I am reproducing it exactly as written.

For all the die-hard football fans,we are delighted to announce that this year Manor Park has an extension to their public showing licence so we can enjoy live football in the venue at WASH. The matches on are as follows:

Saturday 5.30pm Aston Villa v Man Utd (SCUM!)
Sunday 1.30pm Man City v Tottenham
4.00pm Chelsea v Liverpool
Bookings are now looking to exceed last year and don’t forget in usual WASH tradition we can take bookings (and find good homes) for anyone, or groups wanting to late book up until the day before just let me know and we will do the rest
See you in 4 weeks
Paul Catterwell WASH 2012 Bookings Officer
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