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WASH 2012 Newsletter

October 2, 2012

Courtesy of Paul Catterwell, WASH 2012 Bookings Officer.


With less than two months to go now, all the acts are booked, the DJ is booked and daytime entertainment planned, Paul is busy sorting out the half board option and making sure the bar has enough beer for us all.

The news is…….

On the Saturday we will be holding our School Fete. We will have several sideshows that you can play at using “WASH” money, with prizes to win. We need volunteers to help run the stalls, possibly with a percentage of the takings to go towards your own club funds if it make a profit. We have several ideas already, but if you have an idea that you are prepared to arrange and supervise, then please get in touch. If you would just like to help supervise one our stalls, also please let us know. So far we have (excuse the strange descriptions in places!):

  • Buzzy Wire (supplied and staffed by members of ASEA ,thank you)
  • Bounce Ping Pong Balls into Jars (already staffed)
  • Name theTeddy (already staffed)
  • Treasure Map
  • Human Fruit Machine (already supervised but volunteers need to be part of the “machine”)
  • Bean bag skittles
  • Tombola

Following on from the school fete, to complete the day we will finish with a “School Disco.” Fancy dress optional, but encouraged! Feedback from last year suggested that one of the best bands was the Sundaynight one – as so many people had to leave beforehand last year, we have invited Fully Funktional back this year to play at our school disco on Saturday.

Sunday night will have a real dance party atmosphere and during the daytime we have an activity which to our knowledge is entirely new to a Plus event and involves a little cultural education as well as some exercise. Please bring comfortable clothing and shoes.

Please remember when booking accommodation, that the “rating”, ie gold, silver etc, is based on type of heating, not necessarily accommodation age or quality.

Any queries – email: or phone Paul on 01553 670937

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