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AGM Results

February 4, 2012

Here is a short summary of what occurred at our recent AGM.

New Committee

The new committee which will serve from March 1st 2012 to February 28th 2013 is as follows:

Chair Gemma Crader
Secretary Sanya Preston
Treasurer Richard Leach
Activities David Sands (1)
Nick Barrett (2)
PRO Joe Gurney
Memberships Officer Charlie Lewis
General Committee Members Allan James (1)
David Rew (2)

The National AGM

The club was generally in favour of the motion to spend £500 of each Area’s money on an “Inspire” style event. Against his better judgement, Joe Gurney agreed to attend the National AGM on the club’s behalf.

Other news

Joe Gurney was named as the winner of the “Adrian Pembroke Trophy,” for service to Barking & Dagenham Plus (mainly for the creation of this website and his work as PRO). 🙂

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