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Hama Horror!

October 26, 2011

Last night was a vaguely Halloween themed craft night at club. I say “vaguely” because the only horrific thing about it was the awful pun in the title. Hama Beads are little multi-coloured plastic beads which can be arranged in pretty patterns. When a hot iron is applied to them, they melt together. Here are some examples we made.

Hama horror!

Hama horror!

Won’t leave me alone

In other news, next Tuesday (1st November) will be Gemma’s Disney Quiz. Also, we are already taking bookings for our Christmas meal, which will be on Saturday 10th December at the White Horse at 3pm. Total cost is £14.95 per person: we need £5 deposit ASAP, and the balance by Tuesday 29th November.

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