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Solved: The Mystery of “Mysterious Night”

March 30, 2011

A female Plusser taking part in last night's Noteability event.

Tuesday evening Joe unveiled the surprise event of the evening – a musical challenge called “Noteability,” in which team-members have to guess the tune from what each contestant plays on a piano.

This Saturday we are due to go Bowling at the Namco Funscape (formerly known as Number Ten Bowling Alley), the Brewery, Romford, whilst Saturday week is Brean, the National Plus Holiday at Brean Sands in Somerset. Apparently one of the bands playing at Brean is a Blues Brothers Tribute Bands, whilst there will also be a Real Ale Trip as a daytime excursion during the weekend.

Incidentally I am informed by the organisers that it is just about possible for people to book up for Brean even now, however the full balance of £72.50 must by stumped up immediately (Plussers who have said they were intending to go – take note!).

For more information please either leave a comment or use the Contact page.

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