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Harrods Trip

December 13, 2008

Today yours truly and another stalwart Plusser braved the freezing cold wind and rain to venture up to Harrods in London for some Crimbo shopping. On first arriving we decided to browse the Food Hall, where a lady behind the delicatessen counter was handing out very tiny samples of Foie Gras (well it did cost £26 for 100g!). I took two. “I was planning to give that to someone else!” she said as I accidentally picked up the second bit. Oops!

We then looked round the Wine and Spirits section. I saw a nice bottle of champagne going for £315 (see below).
If you cannot see this you may need to be logged into Facebook.
However this was as nothing compared to the spirits within. There were bottles of brandy costing several thousand pounds, but the most expensive was a 1938 Single Malt which cost a whopping £8000. A helpful staff-member nearby was giving out free samples – although when I investigated they were from a bottle of £22 Malt Whisky, not the £8000 bottle. He admitted to me that since the credit crunch there were fewer people paying £8000 for a bottle of whisky. I also saw a very old bottle of port with a very tatty label, going for over £300. “Pah!” I thought, “If I am going to pay more than £300 for a bottle of Port, the least they could do is put a proper label on it!”

After picking up a few bits and bobs from other departments, we called it a day. I must say though that there were Xmas hampers going for 50% off. That’s almost as much as a discount as you can get at Woolworths!

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