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National Treasure Hunt

July 12, 2008

This Saturday was the National Treasure Hunt in London, of which your Humble blogmaster was one of the winners last year. We turned up at the Tattershall Castle on the Thames Embankment: there were 36 of us there – 33 participants and 3 organisers. We traipsed round the Parks and Palaces of London. We headed in the direction of Westminster, then Green Park and St James’ Park, and thence past Buckingham Palace to Hyde Park and finally Kensington Gardens. Phew! We got the bus back to the starting point.

Unfortunately, we missed out on the top spot by a mere 1 point! The winning team was actually from Coventry. They did fairly well, seeing as we were playing practical jokes on them like advising them to go the long way round Hyde Park! YHB was lucky to escape a dunking in the Serpentine at the hands of Dave Filer of Coventry, though I should point out that he was trying to do the same sort of thing to everyone else, so fair’s fair! Luckily, even coming in second meant we were entitled to a prize (cash as it happened).

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