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Area Quiz

March 1, 2008

This weekend, members of Thurrock joined up with Plussers from Kings Lynn to form a team at the Area Quiz 2008. This was at the Cherry Tree Pub in Dagenham, a new venue for the quiz, although a popular venue for Plus events already (it is Barking & Dagenham’s own venue). There was a large turn-out – some thirty-three Plussers took part (almost more than there were at the National AGM!). The Quiz was run by Pete Newson and Richard Leach, both of whom took the job on at fairly short notice.

As is customary at Quizzes in Plus, the teams tried to out-do each other with coming up with funny team-names. Our own team was called “WASH W—–s on Tour;” although the eventual winner of the Quiz was also the most boringly named, i.e. “Redbridge” (a team from Redbridge Plus, funnily enough).

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